Prologue was borne out of a shared love for classic menswear between its three founders and friends Christopher Tang, Maslow So and Jerry Tong. Extending beyond the craftsmanship and inherent beauty of these artisanal products, menswear has an allure with its unique ability to connect people across borders and generations – as one can see from the respect shown between artisans, a son’s first lesson in tying a necktie from his father, maker to client and so on.
Where a gentleman used to be introduced by a family member or close friend to an experienced tailor or bootmaker who would help him look his best, we were frustrated by the lack of guidance and countless ensuing blunders we made at the beginning of our own sartorial journeys that could have been easily avoided otherwise. This was the impetus for launching Prologue as our way of making it easier for future gentlemen to discover the craftsmanship, stories and romance behind classic menswear that first brought us together. At Prologue we are dedicated to having you walk out looking and feeling your best. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality at great value and a clear ascension path with select artisans who share our philosophy. We are different and we cannot wait to share our passion for all things menswear with you.
Christopher Tang
Christopher has always been attracted to the spectrum of menswear, from informal streetwear and workwear up to classic tailoring. Similar to most young gentlemen aiming to pursue a career in finance in Hong Kong, Christopher’s first encounter with classic menswear stemmed from a necessity to dress professionally for work. Since then, need has given way to passion that has brought him through the doors of many different artisans and makers so that passion gave rise to understanding. Countless hours spent at the sartoria and a plethora of hit-and- miss bespoke experiences gave impetus to co-founding Prologue with the aim of offering quality tailoring and service that draws inspiration from his sartorial journey with the quiet hope to foster an appreciation for this fading art he believes every gentleman deserves a chance to experience.
Jerry Tong
From a fresh age, Jerry was fascinated by men's dress, which largely took off with streetwear and eventually progressed to GQ and prep / Ivy style. However it was the utility and purpose behind classic menswear that drew him to bespoke tailoring and workwear, ultimately beginning his obsession with enduring style. In pursuit of his passion, Jerry took on a marketing role at a prominent Hong Kong shirtmaker where he discovered a new appreciation for the artistry and romance of the trade but also its decline. This led him on sartorial pilgrimages to the sartoria and ateliers of Italy or London where he still draws most of his inspiration today. Like it is with the archetypal Levi's Big E Type II Trucker jacket, Jerry hopes to see more Hong Kong gentlemen dressed in clothing that flatters them, is easy to wear and only gets better with time from regular use.
Maslow So
It was seven ago that Maslow purchased his first pair of “proper” leather shoes, and it was also around the same time that he fell in love with men’s tailoring. What started as simple interest during his time in university has only since blossomed into a calling, leading him around the world to meet and actually befriend many artisans of different traditions, as well as connecting him with others who share his enthusiasm. Classic menswear has become not merely a means of self-adornment and an expression of individuality but also a bridge between people. A good friend once told him that in order to dress well, a gentleman’s clothing must be comfortable and nonrestrictive to first become part of his daily routine and only then will he be comfortable enough in his skin to display his most authentic and sincere self. Maslow shares this interpretation of “personal style” and hopes future friends who come to Prologue may find it here for themselves.
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Address: 3 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong
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