The Prologue house style is classically founded with jackets of a traditional length featuring a characteristically low gorge and buttoning point paired with pleated trousers that sit higher up on the natural waist that extend the leg line. Our house shoulder is natural and rounded with a manica camicia construction that is unpadded and finished without the shirring typically found in South Italian tailoring. As such, the shoulder line takes on the shape of the wearer’s shoulders and naturally takes on a concave shape from the collar to the shoulder joint. Along with the signature crescent moon shape formed from lapel notch down to the rounded sweeping quarters, our house style exudes Italian flavour without the exaggeration. Trousers are cut with a strong taper with no break and cuffed for better drape over dress shoes.
Favouring a close-fitting but not tight fit for the garments, the overall silhouette is visually lengthening and slimming with ease in the right places for all day comfort. Naturally, fine hand-finishing does not play second fiddle and comes standard.
Fine leather footwear is known to age gracefully and becomes more beautiful through wear and time, developing an individualised patina which requires upkeep to look its best. Toward this end, Prologue is proud to provide a comprehensive shoe-care service that includes thorough cleaning, conditioning, restoration and polishing to a mirror shine (when appropriate). Sole edges will be dressed and dyed so your shoes will return to you looking fresher than ever.
Apart from smooth calf leathers, Prologue has rich experience maintaining suede, nubuck, shell cordovan as well as various exotics. Please contact us beforehand if the leather for your particular shoes is not mentioned here.