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Our take on the classic opera pump with a twist. Produced on our TKP short round toe last in black boxcalf from Weinstead Leder instead of patent leather, the shoes feature a clever slot in the uppers along with a removable grosgrain bow that can be detached for extra wearability on informal occasions. Spit shine them to a mirror-gloss with the bow inserted for black tie and wear them over brunch the next morning without; easy peasy. With a bit of creativity, other accessories can be attached to the slip-ons for chameleon-like versatility.


In the spirit of evening wear and unlike our main range, our pumps are intentionally crafted with a Blake Rapid construction for a polished welt-less appearance with a close-cut outsole that is virtually invisible from a birds eye view. Also beneficial to evening occasions, Blake Rapid tends to offer an enhanced flexibility not found in Goodyear or Handwelted shoes that would be perfect for dancing.

Black Opera Pump

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