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The "Navy White Check Linen Shirt" strikes a balance between business and casual attire, featuring our signature curved long point spread collar designed to flatter any facial shape with its graceful splay and fine stitching right up to the edge of the collar points.

Inspired by the tall Italian semi-spread collars found in vintage Luigi Borelli shirts, we've adjusted the collar band height slightly to accommodate average neck lengths while preserving the distinctive curve often associated with the finest shirt makers in Naples. Crafted from a thoughtfully curated selection of fabrics, this shirt boasts French plackets, single-button conical barrel cuffs that taper towards the hand, and waist darts to provide a moderately trim fit. It's an office essential with a polished and unobtrusive appearance.

As with all our shirts, this one is meticulously crafted, featuring single-needle French seams, pattern matching across the placket, shoulders, and gauntlets, thick shell buttons, and the finest German interlinings cut along the bias for a beautiful three-dimensional finish. It's worth noting that, like many of our shirts, this one does not include sleeve gauntlet buttons, as we understand that the clicking sound during keyboard sessions can be particularly infuriating.


100% Linen

For the most accurate sizing and fit, we recommend comparing the measurements in our size guide to those of a similar garment you already own.

Navy White Check Linen Shirt

  • Size Chart

      14 1/2 15 15 1/2 16
    Shoulder 41.5cm 44cm 46.5cm 49cm
    Chest 93cm 98cm 103cm 108cm
    Waist 88cm 92cm 97cm 102cm
    Length 71cm 73cm 75cm 77cm
    Sleeve 53cm 55cm 57cm 59cm


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