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The Mandarin jacket is our take on an unstructured, casual shirt-style jacket, with Hong Kong’s rich and storied tailoring heritage providing the base inspiration and concept (in the form of the stereotypical ‘kung fu’ jacket). We modified the Mandarin jacket extensively to make the classic garment better suited to the dress-down culture of the 21st century.

100% Cotton

For more accurate sizing and fit, we recommend comparing the measurements in our size guide to a similar garment of your own.

We recommend a looser fit for all our Mandarin jackets.

Prologue's Navy Corduroy Mandarin Jacket

  • Size Chart

      46 48 50 52
    Shoulder 45cm 48cm 51cm 54cm
    Chest 106cm 110cm 114cm 120cm
    Waist 102cm 106cm 110cm 114cm
    Length 66cm 70cm 74cm 78cm
    Sleeve 75cm 78cm 81cm 84cm


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