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Crafted on our smart TKS chisel toe last, this shoe is made from supple espresso Italian reverse calf suede, minimizing formality to perfectly pair with more casual ensembles. Its graceful contours are characteristic of Mr. Takano’s work. The shoe is adorned with the Clematis signature "Jerry stitch"—three closely sewn parallel lines of stitching that, from a distance, resemble micro-broguing along the toebox and throat. This adds a subtle but distinct touch that elevates it among simple stitched caps. This is the shoe you wear to command attention in the boardroom or during your upcoming appraisal, especially with a fresh coat of polish.


As with the finest ready-to-wear shoes, ours are handwelted with a lip cut directly into a thick insole rather than a glued-in canvas rib, enhancing longevity without concerns of canvas rib slippage or glue degradation. This construction allows the shoes to potentially be resoled more times and provides elevated comfort and support, thanks to 8-10mm thick leather insoles—compared to the standard cork filling in Goodyear shoes that cushions the footbed. Aesthetically, the waist can be trimmed closer to the upper, creating a distinct beveled waist typically associated with bespoke shoes. Our outsoles are machine sewn to the welt to maintain competitive pricing while balancing exceptional quality and cost. The outsoles feature Clematis’ signature faux fiddleback and leaf-shaped rubber heel counter as a homage to the master.

Square Toe Brown Suede Stitch Cap Oxford

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