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Prologue's Made-to-Measure and RTW Shorts

Now that we are in the middle of summer, there is no denying that the mercury’s rising, while the climbing humidity is making the outdoors nigh unbearable.

The majority of our audience, like ourselves, are keen sartorialists and lovers of classic menswear regardless of which style or aesthetic; and as much as we enjoy dressing well (and dressing up, sometimes necessary for work) there comes a point when even the coldest-blooded enthusiast will have to resort to shorts.

While trousers can make men look elegant and put together, they are not always the ideal choice of clothing; it’s hard to picture anyone wearing trousers to the beach, lounging at home on the weekends, or pairing them with a more casual streetwear-leaning ensemble like we are sometimes wont to.

To make this wardrobe staple more accessible we now have a new line of shorts available for remote MTO order at a price point lower than our typical semi-bespoke offering, with more details to follow soon. There will be two styles: the standard ‘house’ waistband style, and also a Gurkha waistband for a more adventurous look.

Shorts are often considered casual and are seen as a garment that would be unbecoming for any gentleman, making them suitable only for sporting activities. However, here in Hong Kong, we do not have the luxury of mild summers like in Europe, so we must make the most of our tropical climate.

In our opinion the best way to embrace and enjoy the summer heat is to show some skin, don some shorts, and let your legs breathe a little. You may see us wearing trousers seemingly every day, but the truth is that this is not always the case.

Our shorts will still feature many of the details that you have come to expect from us: like clean pleats that fold together neatly, sharp creases that cut through glass, a moderate fit tailored to project a masculine and flattering silhouette, and a plethora of other stylistic details.

We recommend pairing our shorts with one of our Wear Not Tear polos tucked in, one of our house OCBDs for a preppy weekend look, or with a simple pocket tee for a clean minimalistic aesthetic.

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