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Choosing the Colour of Your First Suit

Today, we are launching a new series of regular Instagram posts entitled ‘Let’s Begin’ with the aim of answering questions that we find ourselves asked most often, from, ‘What colour should my first suit be?’, to ‘What works best for me?’, to ‘What cloth and style would you recommend for a wedding in Tuscany?’ Let’s Begin will also include topics ranging from general fabric knowledge, a discussion of our house style, style options, dress codes and what they mean, colour inspiration, cloth suggestions, and questions directly from you!

Having been in business for four years, the single most asked question in our experience has been, ‘What should I get for my first suit?’ And the simple answer is that it depends, because your personal style and preferences, your profession, the occasion and even the climate you live in must be considered.

Having said that, the industry generally recommends one of two colours when it comes to one’s first suit: navy and mid-grey. In our experience people overwhelmingly gravitate towards navy because grey may, at first sight, seem bland and uninteresting. Yet we feel that grey has greater tonal depth and variegation than the ever-popular navy. Wearing a grey suit also has one seldom-mentioned merit: being able to wear the trousers on their own as odd trousers.

Hong Kong’s climate is notoriously brutal for any lovers of suiting and menswear. The extreme heat and humidity makes even the most cold-blooded enthusiast sweat profusely. As such, more often than not you will find yourself leaving the jacket at the office, or even at home, leaving you in a shirt and trousers. This is where grey’s ability to work as an odd trouser shines, and will allow you to get more use out of your first suit given that navy trousers don’t work well as separates due to its richer tone versus grey’s absence of colour.

If you have yet to purchase your first suit, or find yourself on the fence for your first suit’s colour then we at Prologue recommend that you opt for a single-breasted mid-grey two-piece suit.

Please stay tuned for the next entry of Let’s Begin,

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