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Let's Talk Fabrics

Let's Talk Fabrics - What fabric should I select for my first suit?

Our next topic is about the second-most asked question, what cloth should I use for my first suit? After settling on the colour of your first suit, the next major consideration is often which material you want your suit to be made with. There is a plethora of materials and cloths to choose from, including linen and cotton, but wool, specifically worsted wool should always be your first choice insofar as suiting for several reasons. ‘Worsted’ refers to a specific method of spinning pre-sorted long and fine wool fibres into a compact and robust yarn that is used to weave a worsted cloth. This resultant cloth has a sleek and smooth finish that sets it apart from woollen cloth, giving the suit a more polished and ‘professional’ appearance.

Opting for a worsted wool cloth for your first suit practically guarantees maximum utility as a worsted suit is appropriate for all but the most formal occasions that call for black and white tie. You could easily wear it to the office on a daily basis, out for a candlelight dinner or perhaps even for a casual wedding; at all these occasions you will be adequately and appropriately turned out wearing a worsted wool suit.

Besides the versatility of worsted wool, what makes it our top contender for your first suit is its familiar, unfussy nature that doesn't seek attention. It is elegant yet practical, smooth albeit resilient, soft but tailors and wears excellently, and as such there is no better choice of fabric for one's first bespoke threads.

On the left, we have first a dark green high-twist worsted wool suit in Holland & Sherry Crispaire, a navy suit made in Holland & Sherry City of London, and one navy chalk stripe suit in Dugdale Royal Vantage. Learn more about high-twist fabrics in the next instalment of Let’s Begin!

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